The Transit Whisperer TM

Ready to take a course that allows you to figure out your 

Human Design horoscope on your own?

Wouldn't you love to know?


What's your Sign? 

That’s an easy one! Almost everyone knows the answer to that question.

What’s your horoscope say?

That’s another one a lot of people follow – or used to follow. Easy to find online. But not very unique – since you’re always one of twelve variations.

Maybe it’s time for an update?

How about – what’s your Human Design?

And what are the Transits saying for you today?

Get the Transit Whisperer and find out exactly how the Transits are affecting you and your Design - easy and fast - in less than an hour! 

Wouldn’t it be great to know how the Transits affect you day to day?

And figure it out for yourself? In under an hour?

Figure out your Transits here! Now only $47!

All the planets have to be somewhere, right? 


Does Human Design really have daily “horoscopes”? It does and they’re called Transits, just as they are in Astrology.

“Transits” sounds complicated, but they are literally the movement of each planet, plus the Moon and the Sun on a daily basis - and how they relate to you. 

So, just as you can look up your horoscope, you can find out what’s up in Human Design – each and every day.  

What if you could figure out the Transits and what they mean for you in less than an hour? And confidently make the right choices again and again?   

With the Transit Whisperer, you get to be curious – and find the answers that make sense for you.  You’ll learn how to understand the Human Design Transits in under an hour - and become the “expert” in your own life.

You'll learn

How to read an ephemeris to discover the Transits that affect you daily

How to Apply

The Transits that affect you and your loved ones so you can be aware of your "moods" and theirs

And then use

The Transits to your advantage - on your own, at work, and in all your relationships 

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think of it in terms of    energy, frequency and vibration.”

Quote from Nikola Tesla

So why would you want to know about your Transits? And what are they, you wonder?

Meet your Human Design Strategist

Karen Flaherty

I’m Karen Flaherty and I’ve been fortunate enough to be helping my clients for over 10 years as a Human Design Specialist. It’s not always immediate, but it’s always rewarding to help people see how unique they are and how their reason for being here is unique, too.

Along the way, when I got really comfortable with being ME, I started to realize that there were some days when I felt different. Either particularly emotional, or willful, or even feeling really good physically. None of those is “the usual” for my consistent energy! So then what was up?

It was the transits in most cases. Benign but always present, little planetary changes that felt like I was not being the ME I was getting to know quite well by then.

So it would feel uncomfortable, strange, even good sometimes. But the really confusing part was that I would make decisions based on those unusual emotions, anxieties or willfulness. Like staying up very late to finish a project, or having a disagreement with a friend or my husband, or really not feeling like going out (when we could!). What was that all about? Not the usual, that’s for sure. 

I figured out what was going on with my own Transits - finally - and now I want to help you find out more about YOUR TRANSITS with the Transit Whisperer course. 

My goal with this micro-course is to help you figure out what’s up with your  own Transits and how they affect your chart, so that YOU can feel like you’re back in control of your life.  

The Transit Whisperer micro-course

Use all the energies that surround you to your advantage every day! 

Get the Transits course now! Only $47!

How can I be so sure this will help you?

Because we're all made of energy!


Are you curious about Human Design? And how the Transits affect you, too?

Whether you’ve been following Human Design for a while or you’ve just stumbled upon it, you may be wondering how Human Design interprets the movement of the planets.

I certainly was wondering.

To put it simply, all of the energy in our life looks kind of like a pie chart: one-third each of our OWN unique energy, the energy of the people around you, and energy from the Transits.

Your relevant energy world is a combination of YOU, your relationships and the influences of the planets. Day in and day out. That’s your reality. That’s your movie.

Wouldn’t it be great to know how the transits affect you day to day? On your own? In under an hour?


Right now, you’re struggling with at least one of these, right? ….

  • Either you’re home with your family or significant other, and they act differently on different days – and it’s frustrating – and annoying
  • Or You’re by yourself at home and you’re acting strangely on some days – and you have no idea why
  • Or you’ve made some strange decisions because you’re emotional or nervous or anxious, and that’s not like you
  • Or you can’t figure out why your boss and colleagues all need to be right on the same days – completely flying in the face of logic?


Sound familiar?

So what if you finally had some clarity about those situations? When…

  • You felt emotional – out of the blue - and you could understand why
  • You stopped feeling frustrated with your children or partner
  • You could understand why one of the children is upset and soothe them because you really do get it
  • You feel really tired after pushing sooo hard for a few days, so you take a nap instead of berating yourself
  • You feel the need to be right, and then back off
  • Your children are happier because you’re happier
  • Your partner is less frustrating because you know what’s going on is temporary
  • Your boss is particularly bent on being “right” today, but you know why
  • Your colleagues are less annoying because you get that everyone is emotional today – no big deal – it will pass

You can make this clarity a reality and feel like you’re in control of YOU again with “The Transit Whisperer”.



Get The Transit Whisperer today! Now only $47!

Besides the course, you can add on a Private Transit-Focused session with me...

To make the best use of the course, or if you'd rather take the done-for-you approach, we'll have a 30-minute session to walk through exactly how the Transits affect your chart and what might be coming up for the next few months. Add that to the course for $67 and get the calendar link on the Thank you page! 

What will you get in the Transit Whisperer? 


Module 1: Human Design Weather and YOU

The first - and main - module of The Transit Whisperer will explain what the transits are, how they affect us, how they might benefit you, and then how to read an ephemeris and Just Now chart to interpret what it means for your chart. 

Also attached in this module, you'll find -- in both Excel and PDF format worksheets -- all the gates, so that you can interpret the transits yourself. Instructions for how to use the listing of hanging gates and electro-magnetics are included on the first worksheet, as well as in the module. 


Module 2: The Sun, the Moon and the Planets

Module 2 discusses the influence that each planet, the Sun and the Moon can have on us, as well as generational themes.  

Module 3: How Defined Centers might affect YOU  

Module 3 discusses how each Energy Center might be affected in your chart when it gets defined (temporarily) by a transit.  

Module 4: Human Design and Homogenization 

Module 4 is a discussion of the basic tenets of Human Design. We are here to make choices and to live as individuals. The analogy is like the movie, The Matrix. Are we here to take the red pill or the blue pill? 



Audio versions (mp3s) of all the modules

Audio version of my book “Getting to Know YOU”

Templates for all the Gates in Human Design (Excel and PDF versions)

PDF versions of the first six months of 2021, until you get your own ephemeris in print or as an app.

Get the Transit Whisperer now!