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Karen Flaherty

Karen Flaherty brings many years of corporate business and life experience to her Human Design coaching practice. In 2018, she wrote and published the best-selling book: “Getting to Know YOU: Embrace your Unique Blueprint to Make Decisions you Love and Trust – A Human Design Guidebook“, which is available on Amazon.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Karen has worked in New York and New Jersey in marketing and sales positions in the fields of licensing and merchandising, management consulting for the healthcare industry, online training, and retailing. This combination of experiences in business and personal relationships ignited a desire to help others in their challenges.

Karen has been a certified Human Design Specialist since 2010. Human Design is a powerful system of personality analysis that incorporates Quantum Physics, The I’Ching, The Judaic Kabbalah, The Hindu Chakra System, and Eastern and Western Astrology to give you a unique understanding of your inner beauty, divine genius and a specific strategy for living the life you desire. By helping to uncover your unique design and life purpose, you will find it easier to create and maintain fulfilling relationships with others and with the work that utilizes all of your gifts.


Karen is available for individual, couples and family Human Design sessions and coaching, as well as corporate consulting engagements. To get your free report about Human Design and your free Human Design chart, please go to the home page and submit your email address and birth information.

Thanks, and I look forward to working with you to uncover your genius!

Karen Flaherty

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