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Here’s What You Get From Human Design:

Your Human Design Chart

Your Human Design chart reveals: A path to self-discovery, a way out of conditioning, a way out of pain, the real YOU, and your unique genius!

A Path of Self-Discovery

Helping you to re-member the Secret Self that you know is inside, waiting to emerge.


Your conditioned beliefs and behaviors over the years CAN be changed. You can tell a new story with your own chart that you LOVE!

The real YOU

Who you think you are vs. who you really are: confirming many traits but revealing others.

A way out of PAIN

Whether it’s financial, physical, relationship, creative or spiritual pain, Human Design can help.

Your Unique Genius

We each have a unique genius that we can tap into when we embrace our Human Design chart.


Three Types of Human Design Sessions:

Individual, Couples, Families

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Human Design Analysis for Individuals

In its practical application, knowledge of the Human Design system instills confidence in those who experiment with the information it provides. A two-hour individual reading will give you the information you need to help you simplify your life, guide you in making decisions and help you to re-member your life purpose or discover it anew.

Individual $197.00 USD

Human Design Analysis for Couples

Similar to the Individual reading, this package includes two private sessions – one for each partner – and then an additional session with both partners – all readings are via phone call and all calls will be recorded, if you wish.



Couples/Partners $449.00 USD

Human Design Analysis for Families

This package includes a private reading for each parent, and then a session about the entire family that includes both parents, and children under 18, if appropriate.




Family $539.00 USD



Getting To Know YOU!

Now you can find out many of the details of your own Human Design chart with a complimentary mini-course about all the basics of Human Design -- GETTING TO KNOW YOU!

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The Transit Whisperer™

Wouldn't it be great to know how the transits affect you day to day? And figure it out for yourself? In under an hour! 

The Transits in Human Design are on a schedule that you can know and understand - so you'll know which decisions to make and when!

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Up-Level Your Relationships

This is an online masterclass designed for professional women who desire to do business and their lives in their way...because one size doesn't fit all. And you deserve - right now - to do your life in your way, according to your Human Design.

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