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The Human Design System is a complex personality assessment tool that was created in 1987. At the same time, there is a loving simplicity to Human Design that makes it instantly useful and pragmatic for anyone.

In the Human Design System, there are five personality “Energy Types”, each with a unique strategy for making decisions. Knowing your Type can help you develop confidence and trust in your capacity to make reliable decisions for yourself. Once you really trust your strategy, the world will open up to you in a way that it never has before!

All the depth and the power that was imprinted on you at the time of your birth can be lived out gracefully by simply knowing and living the strategy of your type. Live true to your type and you will truly live out your own personal Destiny.


The Energy Types

Just click on each type to learn more. You'll find a video as well as a written transcript below each video. Additional FAQ videos can be found on the YouTube channel.