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Welcome! Here are some people who recently found Human Design and wrote to describe their a-ha moments!  They weren’t lost but were searching. And now they’re living fulfilled, happy and contented lives – without changing a thing except how they view themselves and their unique role in the world.

For over ten years, Living by Human Design has been helping people see how unique and special they are and to appreciate themselves. As you’re guided through Human Design, you’ll learn how to use your design to be much more fulfilled and discover your purpose, so that you can make the impact that you’re here to make. I hope you enjoy these stories…

I wanted to say that your work with me was way more spot on than I was ever expecting. The details you read from my chart & how closely they fit my life truly opened my eyes to the human design so much more. Thank you for really seeing me.



Thank you for reaching out! I have to confess that since we spoke I have buried my head in the sand! It was only earlier this week I listened to the recording for the  first time. Hearing someone speak to my potential in the present rather that something I am yet to achieve has made the gap between where I am and where I want to be significantly smaller and that was a bit scary. But in a good way :).

Dr. M. R.

London, England

Karen’s introduction to the human design system was my first experience with such an incredible combination of philosophies. As a Manifesting Generator, I have always known I make decisions quickly and confidently, but it was useful to learn that I may do myself a favor if I just take a moment to think first and act later! It was a very reassuring experience that everything and everyone I meet has been brought into my life for a reason. Karen is very thorough and she is always available for questions. I would recommend trying this!

M.H.  Ohio

Karen’s reading abilities helped validate many of my “ways of being” in the world and helped me understand why I am the way I am. So many things I had not understood before made so much sense after our conversation. Human Design is unlike any other kind of method I have heard of/used before. The visuals are wonderful, Karen taped the session so I can go back and listen, and she has a wonderful presence. It is very insightful!

G.T.  Missouri

Everything flows now! This has led to an incredible calm and sureness. Location, location, location is the key for me…so I made a decision to move to the beach. The decision manifested into a tangible home one block from the ocean. It is a miracle and still amazes me every day!

E.P.  Florida

Karen was such a pleasure to talk to. She was thorough, kind, and very insightful during my reading. The information I learned through her was incredibly helpful and I use it frequently in my life. Highly highly recommended!”

P.A.M.  Los Angeles, CA

As a result of my reading with Karen, I have a great relationship with my kids, ex, friends, parents, I’ve found a great job, I’m utilizing forgiveness in all my relationships, and I’m more accepting of who I am. I understand me and my emotional wave now – I see life as it is and understand my Human Design and how to use it to make better decisions.

A.R.  Stamford, CT

The best gift your reading gave me, Karen, was the gift of inner peace! I had a better sense of who I was, why I was here and that there was nothing wrong with me. I was able to embrace and accept myself more than ever before. Really. What you do is so incredibly helpful on a deep, soul-filled level and I cannot thank you enough. Big hug of gratitude for your love and talent!

J.A.  Toronto, Canada

Karen has been an effective and dearly appreciated coach.  I’m recently widowed, and still navigating grief while figuring out what the next chapter is for me.  I’m also a want-to-be-novelist who had lost the joy of writing.   

Karen was able to give me validation around my grief.  At the same time, she was instrumental in re-installing the joy of writing again and helped me claim and celebrate my gifts, including the years with my husband and the ability to tell stories. 

Karen is a gentle soul, never demanding anything of me that I was not willing to surrender or face yet.   She taught me how to offer myself the same forgiveness and compassion that I freely and happily give others.    I feel as though she truly knows how I work and think, making suggestions based on my perspective rather than how she would do something herself, which is unique in coaching.

I’m a coach myself, and yes, sometimes coaches need coaches.  I am blessed to work with Karen and recommend her highly.


Libby Oberg

Tampa, FL

Receiving Karen Flaherty’s interpretation of my Human Design chart was transformational. As a Manifesting Generator, I have explored many systems of self-understanding and knowledge throughout my lifetime.

I found Karen to lead her teachings with compassion, empathy, and a deep knowledge of the Human Design system. I now have a more comprehensive understanding of how others experience me and the interpersonal workings of our relationships. This brings peace and compassion into my life. Socrates’ motto is “You have to know yourself before you can say something about yourself or about what you can know.” Human design is a unique, powerful tool that can assist your journey in “knowing yourself”. 

Deborah Townsend, LMT 

Ormond Beach, FL

I loved the reading! Being a reflector, the less than 1% type, Karen was able to connect the unique and untouched aspects of my human design in a clear and concise way.  She explained in detail to me what all these energies were and how to embody and reflect them in a way that will positively impact my life! I had quite a few 'ah ha!' moments, and a lot of her insights were right on!  I am now able to trust how I feel and what I experience in which ever environment I am in, which is super important as a reflector.

I would recommend to anyone who is seeking knowledge about themselves and what their path is to have a reading with Karen.  It’s the most profoundly uplifting and useful thing I think I’ve ever done. Human design is a fascinating tool for self discovery, I can’t wait for the next part to be revealed.

Pete Volos

Sydney, Australia 

This is for each one of you who is looking for answers and not finding a clear path through the maze of life.  I was just like you:  confused, in my case with no biological family and no significant husband/partner/boyfriend whatever we choose to have in life. I would question my own worth and even more so look to my past to figure out WHY my present was not working out despite my best efforts.
Well I have spent a whole lot of money including numerology, astrology, past life reading, aura reading, Sun signs, Moon signs, palmistry, Landmark education courses, Self help books (The Five Love Languages), Online dating, Offline dating, Meetup events... only to be discouraged and still have no answers in life.
At the end of the day only one solution/system was the answer to my unending quest for answers - The Human Design System and Karen Flaherty. Karen took the time to draw out my chart and also a total immersive session explaining my design chart and what it really meant.
I learnt a lot more about myself and how to use the principles of Human Design to live the rest of my life  in peace and harmony with my nature and what my design has in store for my future.
If you want peace of mind and a system that could possibly be for you (as it has been for me) I would encourage you to try this system. What is the max loss as I am always asked by my boss... no problem if it does not work....if it does though... you have a guide book to follow to find success in life and keep worry at bay... it worked for me... and I am confident it will work for you too.

Ruchika Tandon
New Jersey

I wanted to say that your work with me was way more spot on than I was ever expecting. The details you read from my chart & how closely they fit my life truly opened my eyes to the human design so much more. Thank you for really seeing me.



Thank you for taking me through this journey; I am so grateful that my friend recommended you! Our session was truly eye opening and inspiring.

Everything I read is so spot on.... and remarkably accurate. Wow. I'm blown away.

I also think this will greatly help a few of my friends, one in particular.

Again, thank you for reviewing all of this with me; it has made a profound difference in my life.