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April 2013 LBHD Newsletter

Apr 01, 2013

April 2013 Newsletter

Free Will vs. Human Design Strategy?

Following up on last month’s FAQ’s, there’s a question that comes up frequently when I’m doing a Human Design reading: If I’m following my Human Design strategy, what role does my free will play? Do I still have unlimited choices for what I can do, or am I limited by this new strategy?

My answer to this would be: Of course, you will always have the unlimited choices that your consciousness can provide in any situation. But you’ll always feel better and be better aligned with your own path, if you follow your strategy.

A lot of times, this question seems to come from a lack of confidence or trust in the strategy or even worse, distrust that the Universe will provide for you. That trust comes with time, but is also readily apparent as soon as you start practicing your strategy.

And, besides, is a completely unlimited world of choices such a great thing? Most people are overwhelmed as it is with TOO MANY choices on a day to day basis, aren’t they? How many times are there too many paths, people, choices, opportunities to choose from? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to depend on your own internal guidance system (your strategy) to make a decision that’s correct for you?

Because that’s the choice you have, once you know about your strategy: Do I hold onto the mantra of unlimited choices where I can do anything I choose to do? Or do I adhere to the “limits” of my strategy and choose to do what’s correct for me?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been down enough dead ends and roads to nowhere to think that doing what’s “Correct” for me, might not be such a bad option. Really — is choosing to do what’s correct for you such a hardship, when it’s usually the very thing that will lead us on a path that’s correct for our health, prosperity, harmony and well-being? Is choosing with our strategy rather than our head so bad, when we know that using our head has been wrong before? (Caveat: Manifestors can make decisions from their “mind”.)

And what happens when we’re NOT following our strategy? Those are the times we may choose not to follow strategy and run into resistance of all sorts – whether it’s a bad business deal, the wrong timing, or meeting the wrong people, if we’re looking for love. That’s our choice, too, but how many trials, tribulations, wrong turns, and bad relationships do we need in order to learn our life’s lessons? It’s up to you.

So we have a choice in Human Design: To live up to your full potential using your Human Design strategy. Or not. Some people think of that as putting limits on what’s possible. I prefer to think of it as being in alignment with what you really want. To me, that’s real abundance in life.

We have the choice in Human Design to be stressed when we’re out of alignment or blissed out when we’re in alignment with our strategy. Which would you prefer? The bliss comes with making decisions that are in alignment with your strategy – you know, when you’re in the flow and life is good. Those decisions just naturally FEEL better. They’re the best for you and they’re right for all aspects of your current reality.

As human beings, we can consciously evolve or not. It’s always our choice.