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Hello there! It's been a while...

Feb 23, 2021

Hello there! It’s been a while…

Now that ALL the “New Year’s” (January 1, Lunar, Gaelic, and the Human Design New Year on January 21) have brought us squarely into 2021, and we’ve had a chance to exhale (aahhh?) and integrate some of the tumult of 2020, where do we go from here? What are the next steps in the Program? Do we follow the crowd – or continue on our own path of discovery and renewal?

My apologies for a seeming hiatus from sending out this newsletter. What news? Only a few things. And my inclination was to stay relatively quiet and observe. There seemed to be so much “noise”. I wasn’t idle and I’m still not one to “binge watch” – can’t sit still for long (Open Root)!

I found a bunch of projects to dive into – the Human Design Conference in September (see my talk about Generators here), the publication of a book chapter in October, a Human Design Rave Marathon for the HD New Year, being the Technical Director for a video produced for a Social Justice Discussion Group as part of a non-profit women’s organization (may be shared soon), lots of cards and chocolate chip cookies for the holidays, a re-dux of my Up-Level Your Relationships course in the Fall, bought a bunch of books, read a lesser bunch of books, and watched and helped a bit as the elections and aftermath unfolded. I hope you found projects that inspired and empowered you, too.

We also stood by and grieved as a larger-than-usual number of our family and friends passed away (ironically, none from COVID-19), and watched and grieved as many around us also succumbed to the virus. The tragedy and anxiety of this past year cannot be ignored. It has knocked us on our collective asses.

How we each get up again is up to us.

While I like a lot of the platitudes on social media that talk about getting through this period of time, I’m also realistic. There is no going back to our old way of life. And that’s sad to many. 2019 is in the history books and we will never be there – freely moving about the world and living our lives in full-hug camaraderie – again. So much has been revealed as broken in our systems and infrastructure. I alluded to this in June – and unfortunately, that part of the story has only been revealed in more detail. So much has been revealed that it would actually be lunacy to return there. Even Bruce Springsteen’s evocative “Middle” commercial during the Super Bowl falls a bit flat for me. Is there a middle ground? Is that really the goal?

In my Human Design chart, I’m built as an Individual who’s supposed to bring new ideas to the Collective. But I can only do that as an example. I don’t have much of a voice or an ego or willpower. I don’t get too excited about stuff and I’m not always grounded. But I do have a lot of energy (now that I’m doing what I’m here for), a willingness to help humanity and values (trust and integrity) that make me want to improve my life and others’ lives.

So that’s what I’m doing. That’s what’s kept me going during this pandemic. I’m not giving up now. In fact, now it seems even more important to help people understand what they’re here for and what’s most important to know about themselves, as themselves.

And so I keep going. It may not be pretty or polished at first. I’m realizing that the perfectionist tendency hasn’t always served me. But my work is always done with love and compassion. I’ll be releasing the Transits course soon so you can see what’s affecting you daily/weekly, I’ll be doing weekly videos about the Human Design weather so that you can follow along, and I’m working on a new book about Relationships.

“Bloom where you’re planted”. St. Francis de Sales (1567-1622)

All we can ever do is do the best we can with what we’ve got from where we’re planted. Be well…till next time.

“Stay simple, humble, awake.” James Twyman (2021)