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April 27, 2020: A few new paradigms in our "new normal"

Apr 26, 2020

Hello! I hope that you and your family are doing well, staying healthy and grounded, and doing whatever you can to adapt and even thrive during this time. After doing so much research and observation over the past month, fully hunkered down amid a lot of thinking and wondering, I wanted to share some things I’ve discovered and assessed as true for me. They may not be true for you (and I know you’re doing your own research) so this is my current philosophy of these interesting times:

1. This pandemic has happened/is happening for a reason. It is a global energetic re-set. Some are calling it the Big One; others like Dolores Cannon have called it the “Event”. And it may just be the very beginning of the Event. My favorite all-encompassing description (so far) of what’s going on is an interview by “Inspire Nation” with Gregg Braden. As both a scientist and spiritualist, his take on COVID-19 is factual, hopeful and reassuring. 

2. There are many lessons to observe and take away from this experience. All over the world, we are seeing cleaner air and water, less pollution, with more animals and flowers apparent as Spring emerges in the Northern Hemisphere. Two lessons for me stand out: How little we really need materially, and how much we need each other and human interaction. I’m not craving the things I thought I needed at all; I am craving a friend’s hug. Bottom line: we really are all one. And we’re in this together. But it can also feel like it’s hard, we’re tired, too much negative stuff around and we’re not feeling very productive. In addition to Gregg Braden’s grief cycles, here’s an article from Medium that helps to explain why “working from home” two months ago doesn’t feel the way it does now:

3. While the virus is indeed virulent – it can spread quickly amongst people – the virus is not a threat to the healthy immune system. When tests are done in any random sampling of a hot-spot, the infection rates are 20-40% of the tested population. That’s a lot. Many people have either not known they had it or recovered very quickly. Care should be taken, but the point on the curve of over-burdening our health care system seems to be past in many parts of the country. Yes, physical isolation worked; it’s time to come out and restore the economy, slowly but surely.

4. There are other global forces at play, and their time is over. Yes, the virus is unseen, but it has revealed the invisible hand of global power. These too have been unseen, but are now being shown to be the greedy, the powerful, the “Masters of the Universe” who make the decisions for the many. As we look beyond the veil, their secrets will soon be revealed as the causes of social injustice, social inequality, poverty, disease, pollution and so much more. As the infrastructure crumbles, the Wizards are revealed to be very weak without the people they control and wish to control. Do your own research; there’s plenty out there that makes this point. Bottom line: they played their role; their time is over; it’s time for new rules, new ways of doing things, with unity, love and doing what’s best for all humanity as the governing tenets.

5. Our “new normal” will be of our own creation. Start to set your intentions now: how do you want today to look? Tomorrow, next week, next month, next year? It’s up to us. We can design the future we want. If you had already started the transformation before March, you have the opportunity to continue until you like the final result. If you are living in a brand-new normal, take your time, get your bearings, and take one step at a time. The world is waiting for you!

We absolutely get to set a new path of discovery and joy. It’s a path of your own making! As Gregg Braden says: “We’re designed to adapt and thrive in times like these.” Let’s do it!