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Chaos to Calm and beyond

Jun 24, 2020

In such challenging times, it’s not easy to know what to say. I’m no prophet or guru or therapist. I’m just living my life as you are: marveling at the changes we’ve seen since the start of 2020, wondering how things will turn out, and hoping/praying/meditating for peace, justice and health to be the ultimate outcome for all of us.

But some days I’m also questioning whether I’m crazy to even hold those optimistic thoughts when everything around us seems like chaos and uncertainty.

Uncertainty is a given. Sorry.

We are here as humans to adapt and thrive. We have always adapted and thrived.

And the future is uncertain. (If anyone tries to tell they know what’s going to happen, they’re lying!) In fact, the only thing I or anyone else can say with any certainty is that things WILL change! And that’s actually always been the case. Things never have been certain. Control was always an illusion. We like to think they were certain – that we had some control over what happens in our careers, family, finances. But we don’t have control of the things around us – all the outside forces, and we never did. Control was always an illusion that we held onto.

You do, however, have control of you. You have control of your intentions, your goals and aspirations. You have control of your thoughts and actions. And you can be in alignment with who you are. No masks (the unseen kind), no inauthenticity. To hide from who you really are is a lie.

Maybe it’s time to live in alignment with the real you?

Some people are resistant to the changes and want to stay in their power over others. They are in their egos, believing that power and greed are the goals. But they are becoming fewer and fewer. And the power and domination thing just isn’t working out the way it used to. The secrets are coming out, the deals are being revealed, the way the rules are written is changing, and the scales are tipping toward the justice-seeking populists rather than the elitist power-grabbers.

And that’s all I’ll say about uncertainty. It is a crap-shoot, but it’s our crap-shoot. We get to decide the outcomes.

Chaos is the water we’re living in.

So what will you do and what will the next steps you take look like?

And that brings us to the chaos that surrounds us.

Is it surrounding you or have you been somewhat immune to it?

I’m so grateful that I found Human Design when I did.

I think it’s keeping me immune from the chaos and the uncertainty.

You’ve probably heard this: Human Design is the instruction manual for who you are. (Yes, there are others. So if you find the modality, process or system that works for you, that’s good. This is the one that’s worked best for me for the last 11 years.)

We come here to remember who we are. If you were born prior to 1987, you came in as a baby forgetting who you are, and it takes many years to fully comprehend our purpose. If you were born since 1987, you are already living your purpose because you came in knowing it. Big difference. And it’s what makes me hopeful for the future. Anyone under 33 understands their purpose for the most part. And they will come up with all the solutions we need to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. But they could also use some help from the rest of us!

Human Design is the empowerment you may feel you need in the midst of so much uncertainty. Human Design is the process for potential – revealing distinctions you’ve never seen or acknowledged before. Human Design is the motivation you may need. Human Design is definitely the information you need, if you don’t have it already.

If we want to expand our consciousness to the Fifth Dimension, this is the time we can dare to dream! Especially during these times of retrograde planets – Pluto, Venus (since May 13; goes direct today), Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn – and as of June 18th, Mercury! This is all about energy transformation – your individual transformation to a more conscious human as the rest of the world transforms, too. We’re all becoming butterflies, but the transformation can get a little messy.

Nobody really likes change, but change we must.

And if we don’t come out of hiding now, then when?

As Caroline Myss said in a recent video: “There is no end. We’re not going back to ‘normal’. This is the journey.”

What talent are you transforming into mastery? What are you passionate about? I had a client recently who knew she wanted to do something beyond her current role. She’d already gone through two other careers and was now ready to leave the third – she just knew in her bones it wasn’t her passion. But then, what was her passion? The other three careers left some clues, and as we looked at her chart, and especially her Kiron return, there it was! That was it, she exclaimed. That was what she was passionate about and would do it for free, if she had to. But she won’t have to; doing what she loves will bring the abundance.

That’s the great ah-ha moment that happens in so many of my client sessions. And then they’re off – all those butterflies. Free to find themselves in their passions.

We are the changemakers. It’s our time to lead.

Surrender, please, into knowing that we’ll all be okay. We need to trust. To have faith and pray for clarity. And as we feel better and raise our vibration, we gain clarity. With that clarity, we can move into our power and create a new story.

It’s almost like we’ve been gifted a reprieve with the virus, and now we get to start all over again. We’re not going back to the “ways things were”. Those ways don’t work anymore. The “comfort” that you may have felt was terribly uncomfortable for others. So we’re going to have to change. As a planet, as a country, as a region, as a family, as an individual. On all levels.

I’m finding that it’s okay to be happy as I travel this journey to clarity. And I think you will too. Know your values, stand in the power of your authenticity, and you’ll have clarity about what your passion is and therefore your joy.

We have to learn the truth. Our truth. No one taught us what that was exactly in school or in life. As the Bible and others say: “Know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

Know Yourself

You can “Know thyself” through Human Design. Don’t beat yourself up. This isn’t the time for that. Learn through awareness. Live your authentic self. We never really know how powerful we are until we need to be powerful. Just like we can’t heal until we’re sick (or know we’re sick). We react to the pains, discomforts, inconveniences. Nobody changes until they have to. None of us do.

So now is the time, isn’t it?

More awareness of who you are leads to more acceptance of yourself and less judgment – of yourself and others. The goal is to accept where we are – right now – so that we can expand. Ask yourself penetrating questions to get to joy and love.

You are a genius at something – and it’s time to play your part.

“The journey is always the journey back to ourselves.” Kevin Ford

We’re all inter-connected, and we’re also all in a void. We’re untethered with no reference points. This virus, the social injustice, the unemployment, the healthcare system are all in the void as well. We’re all in the void and asking what’s next?

Because of Quantum Physics, the truths are hidden in plain sight. And Human Design is one of the modalities that helps us to see the truths of who we are.

Human Design can be your map to accept who you are and who you’re here to be. The answers you get to the questions you’re asking will lead you to your expansion. What I’m finding is that knowing my values, feeling better (and yes, even happy at times) and more hopeful leads to more clarity.

I often wonder: Why do we tolerate the pain in our lives? Isn’t it time to be rid of the pain?

This is a time to find your passion and be devoted to your “art”. Whatever that is. Devote yourself to it body and soul. So that it becomes your only focus and your only perspective. Does this food help my art? Does this exercise serve my body so that I can easily perform my art? Am I sleeping enough, reading enough, observing enough, listening enough to keep expanding my art? What else can I do to serve others with my art? And how can I do that sustainably – as in forever and ever – until it’s time to leave this body?

Are you beginning to feel that you can be the calm in the midst of chaos?

I hope you are. I know you can be. Trust that you’ve got this!


 In such tumultuous times, it’s helpful/needed that we find some sources of inspiration that we trust. These are some resources I’ve found as YouTube videos:

  •  Caroline Myss
  • Official Sri and Kira
  • Abraham-Hicks
  • Steve Rother at Espavo
  • Patricia Cota-Robles at Era of Peace