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Feb. 18, 2020: We are made of stars - just as Ra said

Feb 17, 2020

What if we really are all connected? I know I often say that – but you may not believe me. It’s what we say in Human Design. We’re all connected – different life purpose, different energy, different life paths. But we’re all here to make a difference, all floating as a drop in the same ocean of possibility.

So what if we are all connected? What would that mean for you – and for me? How might that change the way we talk to each other? Treat each other, laugh and cry with each other, vote for each other?

In the United States – and in the U.K. and elsewhere – our discourse with each other and via all media has been filled with ideas and the reality of separation for a while now. No one can seem to agree on points of view or even on the facts that make up their points of view. Throughout the holiday season, there was little that sounded peaceful, joyful or even hopeful around the world as portrayed by the media. There even seemed to be a lot less of the cheery “holiday stories”. So, I’m hoping, many of us turned to our own families, friends and communities where the sound was “off” of politics, so that we could just enjoy the company of our loved ones.

And – even if this was short-lived – didn’t that connected-ness feel better than the divided discourse of politics that allows for feelings of dis-connected-ness the rest of the year? The voice of fear?

What if we went looking for places where that connection happens – and focus on that? We all know that what we focus on in our thoughts increases. We always get more of what we’re focused on, right? So why not focus on connectedness rather than separation? Love rather than our differences? Compassion rather than who’s right in the moment?

We say we’re in search of those things. That’s what I say anyway. That’s what most of my clients say, too. But how much do we really want it if we’re only focused on it a bit? What if we could focus on connected-ness just a little more each day – until we reach the magical 51% mark (more than half! That’s all we need) – where we’re more focused on increasing the connections and love in our lives than the opposite? What would that look like? I wonder…

January was pretty bleak – even though the energies coming in were pretty strong, the resistance to the changing energies is still defiant. Thus we saw Australian fires out of control, the U.S. impeachment trial, the UK Brexit finalized, and a taunt of Iran, just to name a few major news stories.

So I was looking for ways to feel better. It was hard to completely ignore what was going on here and globally. I felt I needed to pay attention as a “good citizen”. But it was hard to watch and harder to stay engaged.

So I found a few things that have helped me to feel better – and feel more connected. I want to share them with you with the hope that you’ll feel more connected, too. And whenever I see things come up at least three times, I know it’s a message for me to pay attention to and share as much as possible.





We are made from Stars!

“We are all atomically connected. Fundamentally, universally.” The first indication I found was a TED talk that illustrates we’re actually all connected as star matter – the stuff that’s left after a star explodes as a supernova. Pretty cool, right?

Ra Uru Hu, the creator of Human Design, always talked about our birth as the conjoining of elements from above in the heavens (neutrino streams) with an element coming up from the Earth. That sounded a little fantastical until you hear this TED talk!

The astrophysicist, Dr. Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz, says that the cycle of stellar birth, death and re-birth allow for the air we breathe and the atoms of various metals that create each of our bodies. Fully 96% of our bodies are hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon and oxygen (all the water is the H2O); the rest are mostly basic elements, like iron, calcium, magnesium, etc.

The death of a star becomes a supernova and can last for years as a very bright “star”. What’s left after it explodes and dissipates throughout the Universe are the neutrino streams that Ra spoke of early on. They were originally thought to have no mass, and it was proven in 1994 that they do have mass, just as Ra said.

This combination of astronomy and chemistry is what creates each of us – and connects each of us so seamlessly. The speaker even goes so far as to say that we need each other to find OUR missing pieces and to feel “complete”. Not surprisingly, this sounds a little like the energy of Human Design when we put two charts together. Take a listen…only 15 minutes and fairly amusing for a scientist!


Joaquin Phoenix at the Academy Awards Ceremony

Then at the Oscars in early February, we saw the heartfelt and passionate acceptance speech of Joaquin Phoenix. While we’re all squabbling about this cause or that, he sees commonality. It’s all about social injustice, he says. If we’re involved with a cause at all or care about something deeply, it’s usually to help others who are less fortunate. So can’t we all agree that there are ways we can look at these issues more creatively – as opposed to from lack or us versus them?

“Human beings at our best are so inventive and creative and ingenious”, he says. Joaquin goes on to say that we should use “love and compassion as our guiding principles.” And he ended with a quote from one of his brother’s songs: “Run to the rescue with love and peace will follow.”

Talk about connected-ness as a result of this two-minute speech. Can you imagine how many people globally heard it live or saw it the next day on YouTube or other social media and felt more connected? Millions as it went viral.

“This is how Scandinavia…”

The third place I was struck with the possibility of connectedness was in an Op-Ed article by the conservative writer David Brooks called, “This is How Scandinavia got Great”. (NYT, February 14, 2020, p. A27) Since the late 1800’s, just as the Industrial Revolution and economic growth sprouted, all the Scandinavian countries realized they needed a robust, inclusive, and ongoing learning system.

They created something the Germans call “bildung” (no English equivalent). According to Brooks, “it means the complete moral, emotional, intellectual and civic transformation of the person. It was based on the idea that if people were going to be able to handle and contribute to an emerging industrial society, they would need more complex inner lives.” What a concept! In other words, teach the whole person and allow them to connect fully to others – family, friends, community, nationally, and globally – with the feeling that we’re all responsible for each other because we’re all connected.

Would that work here and in other countries as it has worked there? Maybe we could connect and find out!

Deepak Chopra’s Laws of Success

Lastly, I’m doing a 21-Day Abundance Meditation from Deepak Chopra that spreads via friends and family as small communities using WhatsApp. I’m really enjoying it. And I’d highly recommend it, if someone asks you to join their group. (or see to start your own group.)

Since we’ve been talking about connected-ness, this was perfect timing – any my fourth recent instance of hearing about connected-ness. Yesterday’s lesson had this quote about Unity: “In today’s meditation, we will talk about unity as the basic truth of all that exists. As individuals, we are not alike. We have different lifestyles, beliefs and perceptions. However, these differences exist only in the physical plane. Whereas at the molecular and spiritual level, we are all one and are connected with the universal primary source. When we begin to fully understand this concept of life in unity, the idea of a personal “I” gives way to the image of a universal “I”. The concept of rivalry and competition disappears. This relationship contributes to deep love and empathy for everyone that surrounds us.”




So lots of connected-ness, lots of love and compassion. My conclusion from these uplifting pieces is this.

To make the world a better place for you and yours:

  • Get connected as much as possible
  • Stay connected as much as possible
  • Invite others to connect as much as possible
  • Disconnect for a bit and then repeat as often as possible.

Have a great week!