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LBHD Human Design Profile: Angelina Jolie (circa 2012)

Jan 01, 2012

Angelina Jolie (written in January 2012)

Birth info: Wednesday, June 4, 1975 at 9:09am in Los Angeles, CA

As an actress, humanitarian, mother of six and romantic partner and wife of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie lives the life of the Manifesting Generator who can make a mere mortal’s head spin. She effortlessly seems to combine her unending activities, her talent, her beauty and her articulate and compassionate wit and will to achieve her goals.

As a 3/5 profile – the Martyr/Heretic — she has experienced quite a lot during her 37 years on the planet but also thumbed her nose at many of her naysayers. She’s lived on both coasts and travelled the world, acted in dozens of films, winning awards after years of “practice”, and had turbulent relationships with her father and first two husbands. She’s tried on many different looks, personas, tattoos and relationships. And as the heretic with a concept or philosophy to universalize, she is taking a stand as a young humanitarian on behalf of a number of causes around the world. She and Brad describe their breakfast table as a “mini United Nations”, and they like it that way. A recent 60 Minutes interview portrayed Angelina as a woman on a mission as she was completing her directorial/writing debut film, “In the Land of Blood and Honey”. True to her chart, she was described as compassionate (Gate 50), in control (Gate 21), a gifted storyteller (Gate 56), charismatic (Gate 20), focused (Gate 9) and content (Gate 58) with all that’s led her to this juncture.

The themes in Angelina’s life are illustrated beautifully in her defined channels – Charisma, Judgment, Transitoriness and Money:

The 34-20 is the Channel of Charisma. Enough said! This channel with its direct line from the Sacral to the Throat gives Angelina the sustainable energy that she needs to write a movie, hold a baby on her hip, make dinner and converse with Brad or her agent – all at the same time! As long as she’s busy doing what she loves, she’ll never run out of steam.

The 18-58 is the Channel of Judgment. This channel may as well have the sub-title “humanitarian” for Angelina. It’s all about improving and correcting anything that may not seem quite right in order to bring people closer to the joy of life.

The 35-36 is the Channel of Transitoriness. The Gate 35 is sometimes called the “Jack of All Trades” and the Gate 36 is Crisis, which sometimes shows up as someone who won’t tolerate boredom and so creates “crises” to keep themselves amused. Angelina seems to run from one project, adventure or country to the next in rapid succession, most likely to keep any boredom at a distance.

The 45-21 is the Channel of Money. The combination of the Gate of the Queen and the gate of the Treasurer leads to an innate confidence that is both regal and in control. Angelina is here to make money through the power of her will – and she has done quite well in that role – commanding some of the highest acting salaries in Hollywood.

While the themes of her life sound busy, they pale in comparison to the way that they’ve actually played out. Angelina has packed a lot of artistic success, philanthropic contribution, maternal care for her adopted and biological children, into her first 37 years. It will be interesting to see what else this powerful Manifesting Generator has in store for her public and private lives in the future.