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LBHD Human Design profile: Steve Jobs (circa 2012)

Jan 14, 2012

(written in 2012)

Birth info: February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, CA at 7:15 pm

Passed: October 5, 2011

It was truly a sad day when Steve Jobs passed away last year. Rarely does one person touch the lives of so many people on the planet.

As a master at invention, Steve had created a name for himself in technology that was second to none! Although he stepped down as CEO of Apple just two months prior to his passing (August 2011), his legacy will live on in many ways.

If you own or have observed an iPhone, iPad or iPod, you know that Steve was obsessed with making technology cleaner, simpler and better.

As a father, he hunkered down and created some of the most memorable children’s movies of all time through Pixar Animation Studios. So it’s no surprise that this Generator was a 6/3 Profile, which is the Role Model/ Martyr. He was a role model for others as both an innovator and business man, who was tireless in trying new ideas and “martyring” himself for the sake of something new.

Not everything he tried worked out as well as his recent pursuits, but he kept on with his experiments to help make technology attainable for all. He’s always been a holistic thinker – from the advent of the first Super Bowl commercial in 1984 through the Apple simplicity of design and manufacture now.

The themes in Steve’s chart show in his defined channels – Acceptance, Fantasy & Desire, and Concentration:

The 62-17 is the Channel of Acceptance. It’s about details and opinions — knowing the details of everything in your world and then knowing how to apply them for the greater good. This would apply to the design, manufacture and programming of so many Apple products all at once. He usually had a number of teams working on one product idea and chose the best one – and then perfected it further to his specifications. Really, it is quite a feat of coordination and detailed execution!

The 41-30 is the Channel of Fantasy & Desire. It would seem that friends and competitors agree that his fantastical ideas and unshakable vision were the driving force behind Apple’s success, and the intensity of Gate 30 added to the power of his overall chart characteristics.

The 9-52 is the Channel of Concentration and Steve was never lacking in concentration, focus and the ability to bring a project to completion by sheer force of his will. In looking at the chart, the Sacral, Emotional Solar Plexus and Root Centers are all defined and connected by two of his channels – a very powerful configuration for getting a lot done.

It’s easy to see from this chart that many of the attributes that made Steve Jobs a successful businessman were balanced by other attributes that made him an empowering figure. He was someone who had a deep love of humanity, a strong sense of values, was a good listener and storyteller and was very enthusiastic. To top it all off, he had the gate for the Joy of Life. He will live on as a role model for all and has already been mentioned in the same vein as Thomas Edison and Henry Ford – the very geniuses that he admired and emulated in his infamous commercials for his beloved Apple.