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Intro To Human Design

Sep 18, 2018
Living by Human Design
Intro To Human Design

NEXT STEPS: How can I find out more about

Human Design and my chart?

Now that you’ve read the book – “Getting to Know YOU” – or listened to it – you may be wondering how you can find out more about you and your Human Design chart! I don’t blame you!

While I tried to get a lot of information into the book, there’s still a lot more to say – especially about you! So as a first step, I’ve created two videos about the Energy Types and Energy Centers with a little more detail than is in the book. These will serve as a good introduction to Human Design – but in a different platform than the book. Then, below the videos, there are some other ways that we can connect, if you’d like to dive a little deeper into your own chart or just in general.


I hope you enjoyed the videos! If you’ve got more questions, here are a few ways to connect with me either as an individual Human Design session, as a couple or as a family; as one of a group to discuss your Energy Type; or if you’ve already had a Human Design, you may be interested in on-going coaching sessions.

  1. Human Design session: If you’d prefer to speak with me in a Human Design session (either as an individual, couple or family), you can sign up here: The individual session are two hours long, they are recorded, and the cost is USD$197.
  2. Individual Coaching: If you’d prefer to sign up for a package of coaching sessions, there are two options on this page or you can email me directly to discuss your specific request.
  3. Energy Type MasterMind Groups: As a special series following the launch of the book, I’m offering monthly MasterMind groups by Energy Type! I’d like to keep the groups relatively small so that everyone has a chance to ask questions, share perspectives and strategize about specific issues and challenges on a monthly basis. The charge per month will be USD$19. In addition, there will be a private Facebook group for each Energy Type and bonuses along the way! If you think you’d be interested in a MasterMind group like this, please fill out the form below and I’ll be back in touch by email when we’ve got at least ten people in the group for your Energy Type. Then you can decide if it’s the right timing for you!