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January 2013 LBHD Newsletter

Jan 01, 2013

January 2013 Newsletter

Discovering the Genius that lies within you

Have you ever wondered what makes you so special and unique from the other people around you? If you’re in the corporate world, you may have taken or heard of personality tests like Myers-Briggs, or Birkman, or the DISC system. Each of these is a test that asks you questions and then gives you a “score” or “label” for the type of person you are. But they’re very subjective tests, and I’ve always wondered how accurate they might be.

Then I discovered Human Design! The Human Design System, a new synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern sciences, can help you understand the beauty and the power of just who you really are. Ultimately, you will discover the genius that lies within you.

Human Design is a relatively new system of personality analysis that combines elements of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Kabbalah (Tree of Life), the Hindu Chakra system and modern quantum physics. Your personal Human Design chart, calculated from your birth data, gives you very specific knowledge about your personality traits, your health, your personal psychology, your talents, your wisdom and your vulnerabilities.


The basic elements of the Human Design System originate in the ancients traditions of several human cultures. The arrangement of the information from those systems into a simple chart that can be interpreted by a trained Human Design Analyst comes from one specific man named Ra Uru Hu who was “given” the key to the relationships among those ancient systems.

In 1987, a unique astronomical event moved the earth with its drama and beauty. For the first time in hundreds of years on Earth, many of us witnessed the death of a star, known as Supernova 1987A. At the same time that astronomers at all the major observatories of the world were marveling at this magical event through telescopes, on the island of Ibiza, Spain, Ra Uru Hu was having a mystical experience. During an eight-day period he says he was instructed by a “voice” to write down the information that forms the basis of the Human Design chart and to spread the information to others.

After two years of studying the information he had recorded during Supernova 1987A, Ra named the information “The Human Design System” and he began teaching the system and interpreting charts for others. For the next 16 years, Ra traveled and shared the Human Design System with the world, bringing his unique teachings to the United States over a number of years, and for the last time in March of 2003. Ra passed away in March of 2011.


In spite of Human Design’s metaphysical origins, the system shows uncanny accuracy in describing the personality traits of individuals. For this reason, scientists have worked very hard over the last few years to validate the system. In April of 2000, social scientist and psychotherapist, Dr. Eleanor Haspel-Portner, statistically validated some central aspects of the Human Design system. Dr. Haspel-Portner and her husband, Dr. Marvin Portner, continue to work to prove the scientific validity and value of Human Design Analysis for applications in modern medicine, psychotherapy and personal coaching. They continue to discover new aspects of the system and new applications of Human Design for healing and personal growth.

The Human Design System has gained tremendous momentum in the United States in the last few years and will continue to grow in recognition as more people discover its usefulness for everyday decision-making.