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March 2013 LBHD Newsletter

Mar 01, 2013

March 2013 Newsletter

FAQ’s of Human Design Answered!

There are so many questions that are asked over and over about Human Design. So I thought it might helpful this month to answer some of the most frequently asked questions for you. I’ll also be doing short videos of some FAQs in the near future that I’ll post on the website! And take a look at the website – it’s been re-designed and has a new logo!

What are the benefits of Human Design? What’s in it for me??

There are many benefits to Human Design, but the most potent one is that you’ll find out the characteristics and personality of the real you – the unique you that you were born to be. When you discover that unique you and begin living it day by day, you’ll start to be in the flow. It’s a wonderful feeling! Here are some other benefits:

Human Design answers the questions: Who am I and why am I here?

It explains how we are designed and who we are as uniquely created beings

It shows us our specific role in the world and the track we are on with our profile

It gives clear guidelines for allowing our life’s purpose to flow through us

It tells us how to make correct decisions that point us in the correct direction of our life’s purpose

It demonstrates how, when we operate correctly according to our Strategy and Authority, it changes the frequency of our life and how our cognition works properly

It maps out the conditioned mind and reveals how we can change our earlier conditioning (conditioning that we picked up from our parents, siblings, teachers, etc.)

How and why is Human Design different from astrology?

Human Design uses astrology to pinpoint the moments of imprinting that establishes our specific Design.

Human Design is not predictive; nor is it a divination process. It relies completely upon your own free will.

Human Design uses two moments in time to create the Human Design chart.

Human Design includes the Earth as an important planet that affects our life.

Human Design is entirely separate from astrology; even the planetary influence interpretations differ in many ways.

Human Design is a synthesis that includes some astrological references, along with Quantum Physics, biochemistry, genetics, the Hindu Chaka System, the Judaic Kabbalah and the Chinese I’Ching.

Does it matter if I have the correct time of my birth?

Yes, it really matters quite a bit. Sometimes gates and channels, profiles and even types, can change quickly during the course of a day. If you have as exact a time as possible, it makes for a much more accurate chart reading. However, many clients don’t know, have not been able to find out, or have no one left to ask. In that case, there are muscle-testing (kinesiology) processes that I can perform with you to determine an accurate time of your birth. And it only takes a few minutes!

Does my chart ever change? Or can we change our charts – add or remove gates or channels, for example?

No, the chart remains the same throughout your life, and you can’t do anything to change the gates or channels. The only times that a chart may differ from the natal chart is when someone has had a near-death experience or when they have had a very long term (over 30 year) meditation practice. Then, we have other ways to run the chart in those instances.

If the de-conditioning process takes seven years from the time we have our first reading, can this ever be quicker?

No, unfortunately, we can’t hurry the process. Many have tried, but de-conditioning ourselves from what we’ve been raised to think and feel about ourselves really takes that long. It’s the same amount of time that it takes all of the cells in our body to re-generate, so think of it as a cleansing process. Ridding our bodies and souls of all the things we’re not, and being left with the purest essence of what it is to be that unique being we were born as!

Hope you found that helpful! I’ll have a few more FAQs for the next newsletter!!