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January 9, 2020: New again, YOU again...

Jan 08, 2020

New again, YOU again…

Have you ever noticed how…

  • There can be a bunch of people in a room, but only voice can be heard above the others?
  • How some people light up a room when they enter it?
  • How some children need so much more down time or sleep than their siblings?
  • How there’s always one manager/boss who can get their people to do anything they ask?
  • How some people just excel at the holidays – delicious cookies and holiday feasts, beautiful cards, handmade ornaments, and all at an elegant pace? (while the rest of us fade into the couch?)

It sounds like the start of a joke – a la Seinfeld, perhaps – and it could be. Because we’re all pretty funny as humans. But we all have unique Human Design charts that have us act in funny ways – especially around the holidays!

I’m no stand-up comic, but some of the things that happen and what people say are so true to their own design, that you can’t make it up! Have you noticed?

We run around trying to be, do and have more – more than the next guy, more than we used to, more than our parents had.

Especially at this time of year. New year, new resolutions perhaps, new you? There are so many how-to articles and trend articles with all the answers to your issues or challenges. And how to be a “better” you.

What if I told you that there’s really no reason to change?

There isn’t. No reason to change one bit. (See Principles below for a quick review.)

Of course, we all want to be “better” versions of ourselves. But the basics are already there in your chart and you get to be yourself each day of the year.

It’s a choice. We always have a choice. It’s the choice to follow our Strategy or not.

I know.

That flies in the face of what most of the gurus say: “You get to decide whether to be happy or not.”

No. I’ve got a different take on that. You get to decide whether to follow your Strategy or not. Following your Strategy is what will make you happy – eventually. And sooner than you may think.

When the “experts” say that you get to choose how “Happy” to be each day, they don’t usually provide a lot of directions. If they do, it sounds like willing yourself to be happy, meditating until you’re happy, vision boards, etc. I don’t buy it. It’s a temporary fix at best. At least it never worked for me. Has it worked for you? (And if it did work for you, please let me know what does work for you; I’d love to hear about it.)

Here’s my process. This is the actual process that I know works for me and my clients:

Step 1: Follow your Strategy consistently.

Step 2: Grow as a person as you are following your Strategy.

Step 3: Follow your Path to joy/happiness/peace.

See, I think you have to be busy to be happy – doing your thing – whatever that is. And the world does need you now!

If you have any questions about your Strategy, how to follow it or the things that get in the way of following it, please send me an email so we can talk about it. Or schedule a session with me to take a good look at your Human Design chart to finally find out what makes you tick.

Wishing you much Success and Peace as you follow your Strategy this year!




As a reminder for the New Year, the Principles of Human Design (from my book, “Getting to Know YOU”) are in the image above. Here they are in prose:

  1. You are a unique being. The combination of who you are and why you are here is as unique as your fingerprints.
  2. It’s much easier to be who you really are than who you think you should be.
  3. You are who you are and nothing can change that. You’re beautiful just as you are.
  4. Human Design helps you remember who you are. You were born perfectly and nothing has changed.
  5. Human Design is about making decisions that are right for you versus what’s right for anyone else.
  6. You don’t need to be fixed. You’re perfect just the way you are.
  7. You’re here for a reason. The world is waiting for the authentic you to emerge.
  8. Human Design allows you to be the you you were born to be. You don’t need to take anything personally; it’s just energy.
  9. If each one of us were living our unique Strategy, the world would be a lovely and very livable place.
  10. You are designed to receive love and everything you need to survive. The Universe is always taking care of you by default, if you allow It.
  11. Human Design is about Self-Awareness: getting to know yourself better so you can be happier, healthier, more prosperous and more fulfilled.
  12. Things should flow easily when you’re living your design. There’s no pushing hard when you’re in the flow. Relationships, job offers, money, fulfillment will flow to you and through you naturally.