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September 14, 2019: NO More Secrets!

Sep 13, 2019

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power”.

— Quote from President Abraham Lincoln

On the same day in late August in the New York Times, I was struck by the headlines on the front page:

  • “Judge requires maker of Opioids pay $572M (Johnson & Johnson)
  • “Two sisters’ early bid to Unmask Epstein’s Abuse fell on Deaf Ears”
  • “Trial of Powerbroker Plumbs the Depths of Washington’s Elite”
  • “Bitter Resentment in the Amazon” with photo of the Rainforest’s fires (and they’re still burning!)
  • And in the Science Times, “Beyond Reprehensible” about infertility doctors donating their own sperm years ago
  • Really – all in one news day?

And yes, it was the paper version delivered to our door in Florida – which is why I was surprised to see these headlines all at once. I think we can get complacent when the news scrolls by online. Seeing it the old-fashioned way is jarring! (By the way, I started writing this article pre-Dorian. Now we’re past Dorian with gratitude for little damage here and prayers for those still affected. Sorry it’s taken so long. Slowest…hurricane…ever!)

What’s more surprising, I wonder? That so many secrets have been hidden in plain sight for so long – or that they’re all being uncovered and brought to light in such numbers at the same time? At this particular time. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. As the energies continue to churn, they bring all the “secrets” to light. There was a major influx of energy in mid-August, and since then, I’ve noticed an uptick in coverage of these exposures. It’s almost like everyone noticed at once that the Emperor had no clothes on!

Here are just a few of the most recent hot topics that have had their secrets discovered, where they are playing out for all the world to see:

  • Chemicals and other contaminants in our air, food and water. The disastrous water conditions in Flint, MI and now in Newark, NJ, for example. The Glyphosates from Monsanto (now Bayer) used on farms and in landscaping for the last 40 years, and that are now linked with cancers and agricultural runoff into waterways, which are NOT regulated by the Clean Water Act of 1967. Recent successful cases against Bayer are just the beginning of the fallout from glyphosates harmful effects.
  • Pedophilia and sex trafficking around the world. Pedophilia has been rampant in the Catholic Church worldwide for years – probably centuries, but also in other denominations and evangelical churches as well, athletic departments and Olympic programs, children’s camps and private schools. The sex trafficking of people like Jeffrey Epstein has been a well-known secret and looks like the tip of a large iceberg in scope. I don’t think his death will be the end of the investigation.
  • Gun violence: the numbers of guns are climbing and so are the numbers of deaths from assault weapons. Most people want background checks and safety for our children. The tide seems to be turning but can a biased Congress, corrupted by corporate donations accomplish the people’s will?
  • The opioid epidemic. With Big Pharma companies as the “dealers” of known addictive compounds, Johnson & Johnson, Mallinckrodt and Purdue Pharma are the first to be fined in the billions just in the past few months.
  • I could go on. No industry remains untouched by the revelations of greed, corruption and power. Sounds pretty horrible…and it is. So where does that leave us – those not in power who are affected by many of these atrocities? Are we the powerless pawns?

Are you surprised by the secrets? Or like me, did you always suspect they were there, but no one seemed to care or be as bothered as I was? I thought I was just being sensitive – more angered, annoyed, and appalled at the injustices I could see, and imagining what might lie beyond.

And idealistic. I was always idealistically wondering: Why did so many children have to go to bed hungry? Why shouldn’t refugees running from really horrible conditions (drought, famine, violence) be turned away? Why shouldn’t we all have access to healthcare when it’s such a basic kind of necessity, after food, air and water?

And why are these secrets so slow to be revealed? Is it because the power brokers in charge have little incentive to change the rules? Is the greed and power behind these secrets so seductive that there is no motivation to change? Or is the result so satisfying to them (power, greed, corruption) and the mission so abhorrent to many of us that revelations would surely lead to jail time and more notice than their secrets ever wanted?

As Patricia Cota-Robles of Era of Peace ( has said recently: “We’ve been controlled, oppressed and manipulated for so long. What that looks like is that the evil and nefarious are enslaving the masses of humanity. They prevent us all from moving forward in the Light. Our wayward brothers and sisters know that without people being afraid of each other, they would not be able to enslave and control us any longer.”

(See her complete missive and explanation from the recent conference here.)

She further goes on to say: “They lower our vibrations by contaminating all of us with toxic substances. Our air, water, food and our Earth have all been contaminated.” And especially affected by the contaminants are our children – those born since the mid-1980’s.

This may sound a little unbelievable. But think about it. The power brokers depend upon fear, separation and duality to convince us that Oneness and Connected-ness are a fallacy. This has been going on for centuries in terms of being a very effective tactic for the powerful being/staying in charge, but the toxins in our food, air and water have been exacerbated over the past 40 years. Most of my corporate career was in healthcare, and the changes in data regarding all illnesses, chronic illnesses, suicides, drug and alcohol abuse have no precedent in our history of tracking this data. (Most began their increases significantly in the 1980’s). How many times have you been to the doctor when they throw up their hands, say they don’t have a solution, but offer you a prescription that only offers temporary relief?

Fortunately, this is all changing. Things may still look a little shaky and unsettled right now. But the reason they’re shaky is because our consciousness is rising and changing and being energized. It may take a while longer but the separation and duality that we’ve lived with for so long is being transmuted into Love, oneness, and connected-ness that we can all thrive upon.

The possibility of “No more secrets” is tantamount to having a fresh pair of collective eyes on each of these topics. A new generation, an educated populace, a more interested rising of activist groups. Pulling back the curtain on what’s been and allowing for a bigger perspective on what could be. Coming up with fresh ideas for tired old problems that have now become a crisis as more people are appalled by these old problems. They’re just not okay any more.

How can this change really happen, you’re probably wondering? As the secrets are revealed, we all have the opportunity to assess what’s gone on, process the changes needed and then move forward into our own unique power.

As Buckminster Fuller said: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

We can do this. No fighting against, no “war” against, no marches against. Let’s just change the models completely. Let’s be “FOR” what we want. (My latest a-ha is changing the anger I felt to “passion in action”. Feels the same; looks and sounds a lot different!)

Instead of talking about the weather, politics and all the things that separate us, we can begin to talk about the things that unite us. Our dreams, goals and aspirations. What is it we really want? What excites us? What can we intend for our lives? What do we want for our children? (To put this all in perspective, is this really the world that you want to bequeath to your children and grandchildren???)

And also go inside YOU by meditating, setting intentions, writing down goals, doing an inventory of what’s really important to you in your life (and purge the things that aren’t important.) And start creating your new life from the inside out.

How will you know if you’re creating from the inside out? You’ll be curious, excited, and happy to get up in the morning. Versus listening to others’ opinions, ideas, beliefs FOR YOU. They don’t know you the way you know you. It’s not their fault. The things that work for them most likely won’t work for you. Because we’re each unique beings.

So what do you do?

Here are a few simple ideas**:

  1. Figure out what’s most important to you – find your really uncompromising values. Just a few.
  2. Decide what your passion is. What would you really like to do with your life? Really? What is your unique power, your life purpose, the thing that you’re here to accomplish in this lifetime?
  3. Then connect with self-care that works for you – what will keep you healthy and vital and vibrant so that you can accomplish these goals that excite you?
  4. Show up as you. Show up where you are as who you are. Take action. Be your passion in action. Be curious. Have fun. Enjoy the people you’re with. And allow yourself to follow your (Human Design) Strategy to take the action steps that feel right for you.

A client’s naturopath got tears in her eyes when she said: “I see this in all my clients. When they start to take care of themselves, everything shifts in their lives.”

Is it time to take care of your SELF and become who you know you’re meant to be?

When you do take care of yourself, you can stand right where you are and be who you are.

Your Inner Being is waiting for you.

**Do you need help with these steps? No worries. I thought you might. I’ve created a new course to help you get to where you want to be. It follows the 4 steps above with group coaching, private coaching, a Facebook group and everything you need to get to your passion in action. Find out more here or see the article in the newsletter.